5 Simple Exercises For Strong Calves

Powerful calves are an essential part of phenomenally defined legs! Here’s how to get those strong calves!
Some people are born with big, symmetric calves while others are forced to live with small and weak calves. Your calf muscles are muscles that need lots of time to grow. Anytime you take a step, you activate your calf muscles but to make your calf muscles grow you need to take on a hard exercising routine. We’re giving you 5 advises that will help your calves look amazing. Don’t do them all at once, because that way you’ll force your muscles too much.


1. Stand on your toes before going to bed

Every night, before going to bed do 100 toe lifts while standing. Don’t use extra weights, your own weight is enough.

2. Walk barefoot
Arnold Schwarzenegger prefers toning his calves by walking barefoot. By walking barefoot, you’ll force your calf muscles more and this way you’ll tone them.

3. Walking on toes

Have you ever wondered why ballet dancer have the perfect calves? It’s because they walk on their toes. Try walking on your toes-that will activate your calf muscles.

4. Calves Training-2 times a week

Add 2 calf trainings a week. You can do one training using heavy weights, 4 series of 6 repetitions, and the other training with light weights, one series of 40 repetitions. This can help you attack the muscle fibers that you’ve haven’t activated before and can help your calf muscles grow.

5. Daily Training

Try exercising your calves every day for a month before you get back to your normal training routine. Do 4-6 series of all the exercises that force your calf muscles.