How to slow aging?

The main question of 21st Century, after how to get out of the crisis, is to find a way how to have a youthful look and a bit to slow down aging. Evolution million years ago appointed that thought the years the body loses strength and slowly regenerates the skin, muscles weaken and the immune system is disturbed.

Body exercises that lead to intense heating of the body which are done at least 3 hours per week have a greater impact on the youthful look opposed from sitting inactive in front of the TV.

Testing was conducted on a group of young people who were asked for three weeks not to do any physical work and to rest. Only three weeks being not physically active leads to major physiological changes, increased blood pressure, capacity of the heart is smaller and more leaking fat leads to faster aging. There is a solution, but it requires discipline, desire and motivation.

Exercise with greater intensity: fast walking, cycling, jogging, Ensemble and climbing are just some examples of exercises with greater intensity. For better effects you should practice it daily for 30 minutes than once or twice a week for 2 hours.

 Anti – aging exercises


Exercises for strength: age reduces muscle mass. Raising weights and other exercises with external load is important for maintaining a healthy and vital body.

Energy exercises: Asian tradition talks about the connection between energy, exercise and aging. For example, the exercises are presented for preventing aging Tai Chi and Qi Gong exercises. This exercise is done through slow movements in complete synergy with breathing. In these exercises, proper breathing is important for the oxidation of the body and prevents the loss of collagen and premature aging.

Yoga Exercises: We know a lot about yoga and it’ not necessary to explain the theme of its positive effects, breathing techniques and relaxation for maintaining mental health.



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