Turmeric, an Ayurvedic Pharmacy In Just One Plant

Haridra or one who improves the appearance, strength, complexion and body skin, Ayurveda is the name of the plant which accounts for more names of which I will gladly select Kanchan – colors like gold; Nisha – Beautiful, bright as a full moon night; Varavarnini – that provides a great tan; Gauri – which gives a yellow color; Yoshitapriya – A favorite of women for use in the treatment of women’s health …

Do not know who it was, so that only her eyes closed listening to this beautiful name, in front of us would flashed pictures like lovelies where we could admired. In fact, it is a tuber, rhizome which we celebrate so much that he even stringing praise can not repay you for the healing properties of which we showered. Well, what is it that Darko so important? What is special and so healthful?
Traditional ayurvedic medicine has 5000 years turmeric is used as a medicine, spice and coloring agent for food. Its flavor and color of traditionally accompany Indian food, ingredient most curry mix, marry her and gladly decorate and its yellow glow accompanies many Indian rituals.


Turmeric are well acquainted with all the old traditions of natural healing as he noticed West clearer eye of Marco Polo. “I found the root shiny quality”, he reportedly said enthusiastically sometime in 1280 but that the West is not exactly mean a lot, and she clearly opened just around the 70s, when the Indian scientists finally furnish scientific proofs about its healing properties, especially the anti-inflammatory properties whole plant.
When we talk about the medicinal composition of turmeric, the most investigated curcumin. Curcumin is the active ingredient kurkuminoid enzyme, which has excellent antikancereogena, imunomobilizirajuća, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. A large range of use of turmeric in the treatment. In the first place, it gives excellent results in the treatment of skin and skin diseases. It has analgesic and is used to reduce, relieve pain. Because of its excellent ayurvedic properties in the treatment of respiratory diseases as well as in reducing cough. It is also used for the regulation of blood sugar, and is very useful in the treatment of diabetes. The cleaner the liver. Is favorable for all three doshas, ​​by oral ingestion of particular works on Kapha dosha and operates on all tissues. However, most recently the science turns questioning its effectiveness in the treatment of cancer which Ayurvedic knowledge has long highlights and confirms its usefulness, particularly in women, in the treatment of cysts and cancers of the breast and uterus.

So the wide range of its effects on human health to think, that this text does end when we have not yet touched on many of its other medicinal properties of which I shall only briefly:

It’s great for stimulating digestion
Helps reduce emissions
Prevents all types of ulcers (ulcers) / gastritis, peptic ulcer syndrome iritablilnog bowel, colitis …
It shows excellent effect in the treatment of osteoarthritis
It is very useful in the treatment of diseases of the liver
Its regular consumption is recommended for people suffering from diabetes. It is recommended that consumption of ½ to 1 teaspoon of powder three times a day. Dust advise adding to dishes or consume it as a tea.
It is recommended in the treatment of jaundice, gallstones, colic, arthritis ….
Affects the elimination of toxins from the body
It is used in urinary diseases
It is a powerful antioxidant.

The healing properties of turmeric


Karminativ  action and is recommended in treating bloating and gas. Antipulana its properties are strong, and is useful in the curing of diseases of the stomach, the occurrence of gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, …


It is safe and beneficial ljiek the treatment of respiratory diseases and breathing difficulty occurs. Removes excess kapha from the body and thus has a positive effect on the progression of the sinuses and lungs. Reduces cough. It is used in respiratory allergies, asthma and other allergic conditions. 



Maternity recommended its use in the period following the birth. In addition to helping the recovery, turmeric affects the health of the uterus, but also the quality of milk in nursing mothers. In men, stimulates the production of seeds


It is used in the treatment of various skin disorders. Because of its powerful antifungal, antibacterial, antiseptic properties, is used in the treatment and the treatment of acne, inflammation, and conditions, such as dermatitis and psoriasis. It works on medical treatments and calming wounds, scars, lesions … while her women gladly and often used in traditional medicinal formulations for cultivation, which is a traditional Ayurvedic name – ubtan.

Circulatory System

Ayurveda emphasizes its role in stimulating circulation, ie. krovotka because it is defined as snažitelj and cleaner blood and is recommended for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Is acting on the reduction of blood lipids. Positive effect on the treatment of hemorrhoids and apply / benefit not only orally but also by applying the illnesses region. Then the best use of its properties by mixing with hot water, aloe vera or mix turmeric and ghee.


It is one of the strongest natural antibiotics. In Ayurvedic termininologiji his power to spozobnost the revitalization, is known as satmikaran. Its characteristics are unsurpassed in the treatment of inflammatory conditions such as sore throats but also the state of colds and flu.
It is a powerful antioxidant and advised her regularly and increased use in the case of cancers and tumors. Curcumin proving its effectiveness in treating liver diseases.


Proven to help with painful conditions and inflammation. For this reason, it is recommended in the treatment of diseases such as osteoarthritis or reumatiodnog arthritis. In addition to oral ingestion, then advises her local application ..


Turmeric is recommended for the treatment of conjunctivitis.


Light dekokt to which was added a pinch of salt, it is ideal for gargling, one of the simple methods for the treatment of sore throat, calming uplanih states and in general, for oral hygien


Make a paste where you connect a pinch of turmeric a little homemade ghee me. Carefully mixing the ingredients and then connect the small fingers of one hand, apply a light paste the innards, slowly massaging the interior as well as with  noustrils. At the same time you do not do sudden movements and carefull the length of the nail to avoid injury. Such a method’s amazing effect on the mucous membranes of the nose, softens, moisturizes and makes it easier to breathe, clean the sinuses and restores the sense of smell and Ayurveda fact adds a positive impact on the brain and the calming of the mind.

Ayurvedic NOTES 

TASTE: bitter, tart, peppery
ACTION: heated
EFFECTS ON Doshi: Suitable for all three doshas. Taken in large amounts increases vata and pitta dosha.
IMPACT ON TISSUE: It feeds all seven tissues.
The main organ: the skin, heart, liver, lungs
USE / DOSAGE: Infusion, dekokcije (1 teaspoon to 2.5 dl. Of water), powder (250 mg. – 3 gr.), Tincture (15-30 drops per day).



Effect of turmeric on platelets leads to the conclusion that it should not take people with bleeding disorders ie. People who take blood thinners.
It should not be used by children, women who want to get pregnant and lactating women.
Taking a large amount of turmeric for a prolonged period may cause stomach upset.
People who have problems with gallstones or bile ducts, should consult with their doctor before taking turmeric.
If you have diabetes, talk to your doctor before taking turmeric supplements. Turmeric may lower blood sugar levels, but when combined with medications for diabetes can cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).
Since turmeric acts on krvotk should stop taking the 3 weeks prior to any surgery and you should definitely inform your doctor that you are taking turmeric.