Dior serializes Bella Hadid-fronted beauty content to retain youth interest

French fashion house Christian Dior is leveraging the It-girl popularity of Bella Hadid through beauty-themed social videos, a surefire way to glean the attention of millennials and Gen Z.

Ms. Hadid was appointed Dior Makeup’s ambassador last May and counts nearly 10 million followers on her Instagram alone, ensuring any content created with the Dior is visible beyond its own social community. Since being named the face of Dior Makeup, Ms. Hadid has been featured in a number of tutorialized-yet-candid social films that feature the brand’s cosmetics.

“Bella Hadid is one of the hottest models on social media right now,” said Terry Rieser, partner, COO at TAG Creative. “Her reach will only increase the product’s distribution across social media channels, while introducing consumers to a product using a familiar face.”

Ms. Rieser is not affiliated with Dior, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Dior was reached for comment.

Serial beauty

With the 20-year-old model as its star, Dior created the Dior Makeup Series with Bella Hadid.

Each video shows off Ms. Hadid’s personality and is shot in a relaxed manner that expresses the model’s relatable qualities back to the consumer. The subject matter also concentrates on questions consumers may have regarding Dior Makeup, such as the best Rouge lipstick to wear on date night.

Ms. Hadid’s first video in the Dior Makeup Series follows this narrative as video shows a text message exchange between the model and makeup artist Peter Phillips. The tutorial is shown in video clips shared to Instagram as well as stills showing Ms. Hadid snap selfies and use Dior Makeup products.

dior.bella hadid dior makeup series 1

Bella Hadid for Dior Makeup Series 

Others take a more personalized approach to Ms. Hadid’s role as the face of Dior Makeup. For instance, an episode in the series looks at the model’s favorite Dior Makeup items and another takes a look inside Ms. Hadid’s bag.

In the latter episode, Ms. Hadid shared her go-to party look as consumers prepped for New Year’s Eve celebrations. Dior debuted its beauty video content with Ms. Hadid on Dec. 30, just as many consumers were likely to be finalizing plans and outfits to ring in the new year.

Ms. Hadid cheerfully shares the contents of her purse. Her last item kept in her handbag besides her Dior cosmetics is her smartphone. As she walks viewers through her belongings, she applies her makeup, turning the video into a casual tutorial (see story).

The latest Dior Makeup Series video to be released follows the same format, but instead of a night out, Ms. Hadid is showing getting ready for an 8 a.m. call time. With early mornings being unavoidable in her line of work, Ms. Hadid shares that she has gotten her morning routine down to a science.

Dior’s episode begins with Ms. Hadid walking through her living room, as many women do, wet hair wrapped in a towel and sans pants, before starting her day.

Ms. Hadid’s voiceover walks viewers through her morning routine as the film itself shows the model checking her email, drinking coffee and being reminded of a very early call time.

Dior Makeup, Backstage Pros – The Call Time

Citing the ease of her routine, Ms. Hadid explains the benefits and qualities of Dior’s new Lip Sugar Scrub that goes from lip treatment to balm without the fuss of rinsing. Ms. Hadid is also shown adding Dior Forever Foundation to her T-zone.

The second portion of “The Call Time” shows Ms. Hadid in her washroom, applying Nude Air Luminizer and finishing off her look with Lip Glow in a new berry shade.

When her phone rings, her assistant asks where she is, to which Ms. Hadid replies, “I’m seriously five minutes away — but that only took two [minutes]!” emphasizing the ease of using Dior products for a flawless look.

In the two days since Dior shared the videos to its Dior Makeup Instagram, each video has been viewed approximately 65,000 times and counting.

Video killed the MUA
Tutorialized beauty content is extremely effective with millennial and Gen Z consumers. Rather than visit a beauty counter, these consumer segments are more likely to turn to the Internet and YouTube to learn a new skill and often feel more comfortable testing looks out at home rather than in a nearby department store.

This has given rise to makeup professionals launching channels of their own and a barrage of amateur beauty vloggers, many of whom have made a significant name for themselves.

For luxury brands who count professional makeup artists as creative partners, pairing with a well-known beauty vlogger may yield better results, as the Internet celebrity may be more relatable than the artist behind the products (see story).

In the case of Dior Makeup and its relationship with Ms. Hadid, the model’s social media following is similar to that of an Internet celebrity, earning her the moniker of Instafamous.

“Millennial and Gen Z consumers communicate through video every day: on Snapchat, Instagram, Music.ly, FaceTime and more,” said Kaylee Hultgren, social media manager at TAG Creative. 

“These are not secondary platforms for this demographic; they are a primary means of communication,” she said. “By using video, Dior is communicating with this generation in a way that is native to them.” 

Source: www.luxurydaily.com